Sarok Festival (Consolacion)

There is change in the air at consolacion, and Happy Velasco discovers what is new at the Sarok Festival.

Valentine’s Day for the people of Consolacion is celebrated with more than just love. They had a doubly eventful date as the town gathered to celebrate their 91st founding anniversary, dubbed as “Adlaw sa Consolacion” with the staging of the Sarok Festival.

Named after a kind of hat made from bamboo strips and dried banana leaves used by locals and commonly used by farmers to protect themselves
from the rain and heat of the sun, sarok-making is also the main livelihood of Brgy. Tolotolo.

A eucharistic celebration in San Narciso Parish officially started the affair, followed by a grand parade from the church to the Sta. Lucia Football Field participated by local officials, employees, teachers and students.

In the afternoon, the Pasundayag Sa Sarok was held.

This year, the organizers veered away from the usual competition and instead had a series of presentations. Eleven schools participated in the
festival including the town’s representative to last year’s Pasigarbo sa Sugbo: Tayud National High School.

Other participants included Consolacion National High School, Cabangahan National High School, Garing National High School, Jugan National High School, Lanigpa National High School, Consolacion (Night) National High School, Pulpogan National High School, Tolotolo National High School, Tugbongan National High School and Consolacion Community College.

Selected teachers from different elementary schools capped the festival with their own rendition of the Sarok festival dance.

Straight from Carmen and Liloan, where she just inaugurated various projects, Gov. Gwen Garcia didn’t miss the chance to take part in the
festivities. She congratulated the contingents, despite not winning any prize, for valuing their culture and showing their love for Consolacion selflessly.

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